FAQ: gcb sourcing



1) What is a sourcing company?
The role of a sourcing agent is to help companies all around the world to purchase products in low cost countries such as China or India.


2) Why using a sourcing company rather than buying directly to the Chinese suppliers?
You would think that purchasing directly to the manufacturers would be cheaper, however it could cost you way more at the end. You have to consider that sourcing companies usually have strong relationship with suppliers and can negotiate very cheap prices. Sourcing companies understand the Chinese culture and make sure that what you ask is what you get, you would be surprise sometimes of how different the products you wanted are different in reality than what you had in mind. Another important point is that if the sourcing company is in China, then it is able to control the quality or solve various problems that might occur during the production and delivery of the goods.


3) What kind of products are you exporting?
We are specialized in plastic packaging and alimentary plastic bags such aluminum foil bag, coffee bag, auto sealing bag, UV bags, wrapping film, milk film, etc.
Another of our specialty is ropes such as climbing ropes, ropes for winch, kite surf ropes, tent line, etc.
We also trade clothes, company gift, paper dispenser, USB key, etc.


4) Does gcb sourcing have access to the cheapest products?
We are in the best place to have access to the cheapest goods. Being in Shanghai not only allow us to work with China, but also with Vietnam, Cambodia, or any low cost country in South East Asia that can manufacture your product for the best price possible. Having a very efficient way to find wholesale suppliers, we are very good at getting the one supplier producing for the lowest price.


5) I hear the quality of the products manufactured in China is very low, is it true?
In fact it is true if you only factor the price in your production. Our method is simply to ask you what quality you want, and then we give you the cheapest price accordingly. We source goods such as climbing ropes or alimentary plastic packaging which are submit to very strict regulations in Europe, and of course all the products we ship pass the official quality test.


6) Is sourcing in China better than in India?
For 90% of international trade, manufacturers in China are cheaper on equal quality than the Indian ones. China’s politic is to focus on industry and exporting products all over the world, that’s why they are so good at manufacturing goods at such low price.


7) How can I be certain that the products I will receive match the quality I expect?
We have a process to make sure that the products you buy from Chinese supplier are exactly like what you had in mind. We always send you a sample before starting the production so you can check if the goods have the quality you expected. The European management team then does several quality controls to make sure that the whole production is perfect.


8) Can you assure me that the products you trade with me will comply with the rules and regulations of my country?
When your goods needs to follow certain rules and regulations to be sold in you country, we use an independent quality control audit company. It will deliver you all the official papers proving the products successfully passed all the quality tests.


9) Is it worth buying goods in China when you add the cost of shipping the merchandise?
Shipping products by boats is cheap and the delivery time is maximum 35 days! The cost of production is so low in China compared to any other developed country that it is definitely worth importing your products from there.


10) If I don’t import a lot of quantity, will I still be able to transport my products at a cheap rate?
Shipping companies allow you to share containers with others in order to fill them in. You don’t need then to think in container to buy your wholesale products from China.


11) Can I contact you for any kind of project? Even if I don’t see the product I would like to trade in your products list?
We can find suppliers and manufacturers for any kind of goods, so if you like our quotation, there is no problem for us to work with you on a new project.


12) I am a small or medium size company, is it still worth trade products from China?
Yes of course, and it’s even more important for a small company to reduce their cost in order to have more comfortable margins! Our clients are actually in majority small or medium size company and therefore we know exactly what is important for you.


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